The dangers surrounding children mining gold in Ghana

"Save The Children" is a poem written by JOEL SAVAGE. 

The poem was selected by the International Library of Poetry, through "Poetry.Com" and published in a book named "TRACING THE INFINITE." 

Copyright@2004 by the International Library of Poetry as a compilation.


Deep in my sleep, I could hear the children crying.

On the streets, I could see them begging.

On the desert, I could see them thirsty, fighting to survive.

Why do parents bring them into the world to suffer?

Let's save the children. They are more precious than diamonds.

Let's save the children.

Deep in my spirit, I feel restless. I could hear the children wailing.

They are looking for their parents killed in wars and ethnic conflicts.

Down in my soul, I feel miserable. I see desperate children eating from the trash.

Some turn to junkies and juvenile criminals, because of neglect.

Let's save the children. They are assets to national development.

Save the children. Don't neglect them. @

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