Some of the survivors after the tsunami

Within a relatively short period between January 1st and December 31, 2004, thousands of people worldwide, experienced many ups and downs, ranging from social problems to natural disasters. 

As a matter of fact, the year 2004 was not all that amusing or happy year for many people. The on-going war in Iraq, ethnic conflicts, and rebel activities in Africa, have claimed thousands of lives including children and the lucky ones who miraculously survived the carnages suddenly become prematurely orphans because Their parents have been killed.

Just as the year is coming to an end, a natural disaster "Tsunamis" which has never recorded in history, hit Asia, claiming over 120,000 lives, injuring scores on its deadly path and rendering thousands of people homeless.

Life is said to be a delicate balance between planned activities and unexpected circumstances. That doesn't mean that one has to give up in times of crisis. Since the year 2004 is gone forever, it is better that all our troubles are buried with it, since the constant thinking of past problems could sometimes act as a stumbling block to our progress.

As the new year arrives, what are our hopes and expectations? Through God, faith, and positive thinking our hopes and dreams could be a reality. As individuals, we must put behind religious conflicts and live in peace to work together to make the year 2005 a prosperous and happy year for all.W