Please don't let the children watch violent movies

Children start shooting game until it becomes a reality 

Despite the fresh demonstration of mankind's amazing progress in the fields of science and technology, television is seen by many people worldwide as being more of a contribution to a child's behaviour on moral issues than effective education. Could this be true or otherwise?

Extensive research by Paul Witty, a professor emeritus of the school of education at Northwestern University in America, showed that children spend fifteen to sixteen hours per week watching television. Thirty-eight percent of parents think it is getting worse.

Asked whether television offers enough, not enough or too much various types of programming, respondents said, "there were enough escape and laughs but not enough education." It is sad to note that some parents allow their children to watch more hours of television, including non-adults programmes, thus; influencing the pattern and lives of their children.

Investigations have revealed that most of the horrific crimes committed by children, were the result of watching violent movies. Some children these days prefer a present of toy guns to football, as a birthday present. A professor of education at Boston University, says that television not only affects child's knowledge but also his concepts and attitudes.

Television is recommended to be a great teacher, unfortunately, parents do not put the interest of education of their children in one category and entertainment in another. Children learn from what ever they see. 

One of most dangerous of televisions effectiveness is its "advertisements." Commercials are becoming too much on the screen. For example, adverts on toy guns, video war games, alcohol and cigarettes all influence children lives.

To avoid the controversy of whether television is good for children or not, the only solution, of course, is its regulation. Parents should regulate the viewing habits of their children. 

Parents should know the program their children are watching and must play a key role by explaining and evaluating to a child, of how watching dangerous movies and commercials could easily draw them into a bad society.

Drawing a child closer to God is something many parents think it's not important, but it is very important. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. 

The Holy Bible and the Koran have taken thousands of people from darkness to light. Finally please mothers, turn off the set when you are not happy about the programme on the screen.