Angelique Kidjo

Angelique Kidjo is one of the few African musicians who has climbed the ladder to reach international stardom. The musician usually called "The Black Ivory Soul," recently was among Africa United Celebrations who celebrated the 60th birthday of the legendary Reggae superstar, the late Bob Marley.

In her youth as the musician, Angelique was inspired by many great musicians such as Aretha Franklin, Bob Marley etc. At the celebrations, Kidjo describes Bob Marley's music as powerful on many levels and credits Marley with having opened her eyes on global issues.

"Being born in an African city, it was difficult for me to have a clear understanding of the entire world. Bob Marley's music with lyrics that everyone can understand, gives you many tales of injustice, discrimination and slavery. His songs were masterpieces. Every song has a little something that makes it unique." Said Kidjo.

Participating in what has been hailed as an international historical event, Kidjo discussed many issues with young people on the three day of the "Africa Unite Symposium" The event brought together artists, intellectuals and youths for deliberations on Africa's past, present and future through the strong lyrics of Bob Marley's songs, including "Africa Unite", "No woman no cry" and "Redemption Song"

The symposium was organised by the Bob Marley and Rita Marley Foundations, the African Union, the World Bank, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) and the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) Angelique Kidjo became a UNICEF Goodwill ambassador on July 25, 2002. Her love and concern for children are very wide.

"Young people are the hope of my continent. When I watch the children of Africa, all dreams seem possible." Said Angelique.