WOMEN ABUSE IN TURKEY--Is this country qualified to join the EUROPEAN UNION?

Police brutality against Turkish women

I know of Africa and other third world countries where abuse, domination, discrimination and harassment against women, are seen by the authorities as less important issues, to deal with. Because primitive and out-dated cultural values portray women as housewives and mothers, instead of efficient and industrious people who have a role to play in the society. 

Even though the battle against women abuse for their respect and recognition in the society is going on, in some countries it is like there is nothing at all called "Women Rights."

In Istanbul, the Turkish riot police broke up a demonstration to mark International Women's Day on 8th March 2005. The Police asked about 150 protesters gathered in front of the Mayor's office to disperse on the grounds that the gathering was illegal. On television, it was a shocking scene to see how the Turkish government dealt with this non-violence demonstration.

Pictures on the television showed the Police using truncheons and pepper gas against the demonstrators and hauling those detained into police buses. They beat the women with batons and kicking them on the ground. 

One Policeman mercilessly beat a woman to the ground with his baton and another Policeman ran up and kicked the woman in the face. The question is how could a peaceful demonstration by women end up in this brutal manner?

For ages, violence against women remains a serious problem in Turkey, a country which wants to join the European Union. If Turkey has gone astray in dealing with women issues by not giving them their rights as social and political activists, then I will remind them of the words of one time a Minister of Community Development and Women Affairs in Zimbabwe. 

She said " It must always be remembered that the attainment of equality for women is a task of society as a whole. It can only be achieved through a joint struggle for a society in which men, women, and children can live in equality, freedom and prosperity. Out-dated prejudices regarding the role of women must be eliminated."

In fact, the European Union must take many things into account if they want to admit Turkey into the union. The government must do more to improve the plights of women. Women are not beasts of burden. They are human beings, thus; they must be accorded and given the same respect men deserve.