Home cleaning builds both happiness and healthiness

Very often, psychologists and psychiatrists have traced the cause of much of our present day ailments to homes. "Home sweet home," they say but at times, dirty environments have made our present day abode "Home miserable home."

Homes have straightforward stories to tell. The set up of our homes immediately conveys the message to a visitor, the nature and character of those dwelling there and the sort of training or life being acquired from it. Truly, the life and character of a person can easily be determined from the home he or she was raised.

It is often said "never judge a man by his appearance but his innermost heart that could reveal who he is. Again "it not the beauty or the dress a woman wears, that makes her a lady but examination of her character would show who she really is. It is very common and part of our daily lives to see beautiful ladies and gentlemen in town and the offices.

The perfume they wear add programme to their personalities with sweet charm. But let by chance some of these glamorous workers invite you to their homes, you may not like to go there again when given another invitation. One's refusal to visit the house again does not mean that he or she hates the friend who invited him to the house, but the filth he or she wasn't expecting might have put him off.

In the lives of people, many things do happen without knowing the cause. Let's take, for example, someone's girlfriend or boyfriend does not seem to have a real place in his or her heart, so dates turn out to be disappointments. When these disappointments occur, it may turn out to be that the partner does not like something about the other, especially about his or her home.

This is where the importance of an ideal home and cleanliness come in. The ideal home has brought comfort, happiness, and understanding to many people who face unfavourable conditions outside his or her home. 

An ideal home does not mean money or luxury but a simple comfortable and airy home free from filth. How can this be achieved? The cleaning of dirt every day at our homes, make the old furniture looks brighter always. 

A clean environment could be created by disposing of refuse in a properly manner, then the "Home miserable home" would surely be "Home sweet home."