Problems in Africa, Is the leaders responsible?

Africa far behind development after independence

My hope and belief are that Africa can be a model for the world in finding a balance between the needs of the people and the needs of the world. 

Watching the hurricane disaster in New Orleans and the thousands of people left homeless and destitute in the United States of America, I began to imagine how blessed and privileged we are as Africans.

Many of the problems Africans are facing were cause by man. Poverty, hunger, HIV/Aids, malaria, disease, corruption, fraud, poor governance are caused by human negligence. How do we explain the natural violence sweeping across the United States of America or Asia? Is there any lessons in all these for the world to learn and most especially the Africans?

We are the cause of our suffering in Africa. Instead of the leaders addressing the problems affecting the countries, rather they are looking to the advanced world for help. What is the significance of the independence our past leaders fought for? Africans leaders have a responsibility on their shoulders. They should be reminded.