Why do children suddenly want to be mothers?

A teenage mother to be

Across the continent, poverty has taken its toll on many Third World countries. In Asia, Africa and the Latin America, teenage pregnancy, lack of education, prostitution and juvenile crime are so prevalent that it has affected the socio-economic sectors of the country. However; things are now changing. What it used to be the problem of these poverty stricken countries has now shifted to Europe and the United States of America.

Teenage pregnancy is now booming in the USA, Britain and Holland, France and in fact throughout the whole Europe. The question is why children, who have a lot of chance and facilities to education than their counterparts in the Third World, suddenly chose to be mothers instead? Is it peer pressure? Are they from a family of broken marriage? Or victims of alcohol and Drug Abuse or simply ignorance?

It is now very common to see children and sometimes adults that could speak their own language in Europe, including Britain, France, Holland and Belgium but can’t read and write. Is that illiteracy or semi-illiteracy? The Dutch Youth and Family Affairs Minister recently said that “Sexual morals of the country’s youngsters have gone astray. A girl is seen as an object and sex, as a currency. The meaning of love does not play any role anymore in the lives of youngsters”

He stressed that if the mentality among Dutch youths is to enter a garage to get a girl and the very moment you want sex, then we have lost the principle of moral relationship. Many have distorted ideas about sex. Said Andre Rouvoet. The minister was responding to a television documentary, “Sex Sells” aired on Dutch television which showed 12 to 16-year-old boys and girls speaking openly about sex.

The open experience sex debate revealed that some of the youngsters had their first sexual experience at the age of 9. Average of them lost their virginity at the age of 13. If same problems taking place in so-called Third World countries also occurring in Europe and the USA, then I’m afraid there are no more difference between a Third World country and an advanced country anymore.