Murdered Immigrant in Antwerp, family gets no compensation

Oulematu, the Malian babysitter who was murdered with the child

The family of Oulematou Niangadou, the Malian babysitter, shot and killed by Hans Van Themsche in Antwerp, Belgium, will not be compensated.

The commission of financial aids for victims of criminal acts announced in an official statement given to the press that, the Belgian Justice Ministry decided to compensate the victims 71,500 euros,  but the court challenged the compensation to the Malian woman, owing to the fact that the victim was illegally staying in Belgium. The victim came in with a visa which has since expired.

It will be recalled that in 2007, racist student Themsche, bought a rifle at 500 euros from a shop in Antwerp, with the aim of killing people of foreign origin. Unfortunately, his gun didn't take away the Malian immigrant but a poor innocent Belgian child, the victim was babysitting. His bullet also struck a Turkish woman sitting on a bench nearby but she survived.

The full story about this ruthless and senseless killing can be read in my book called "An African in Antwerp" In the book I accused both the Mayor of Antwerp Mr. Janssens and the Police as those responsible for the killing of this poor immigrant. You need to live in Antwerp as a foreigner before you will know or understand what I'm talking about

How could they like foreigners when they don't even like themselves? When you are speaking French at some Flemish institutions you can be confronted and questioned the reason you are  speaking French instead of Flemish. Unbelievable. What is wrong with it when one speaks a different language spoken by its own nationals? That is Antwerp.

Kris Luyckx, the advocate for the victim's family hope that the rules on compensation will be amended and points to previous changes brought in to allow victims of human trafficking to get compensation from the commission.