Problems in relationships or marriages is very common

What provoked a Belgian, to the extent of killing his Black wife? This was the question on the lips of the African community in Antwerp. The shocking murder of Evelyn Amarim-Vanacker, a 31-year-old mother of two, led to a peaceful demonstration recently.

Avelyn, a native of Anioma local government in the Delta State of Nigeria, was reported to have been strangled to death by her husband at their home on 2nd of March 2009. According to sources, the murder took place while the children of the deceased aged 4 and 1 respectively; were sleeping in one of the rooms upstairs.

After the savage murder, the husband took the lifeless body of his wife into the boot of his car and drove 100 kilometers to dump the body in an open field by the border between France and Belgium, where the French police discovered the body the next day.

After committing the brutal crime, the Mr. Vanacker reported to the Belgian police that his wife was missing. After a heavy interrogation that followed, he broke down and confessed to the killing of his wife. 

The motive behind the murder is not clear but according to sources, there wasn't any more happiness in the marriage after five years. Constant quarrels and exchange of words were bringing the marriage almost to its knees when this occurred.

The question is how would the Belgian police handle this case? Especially in Antwerp, where such cases are not seriously dealt with. This has given licence to many Belgians to treat foreigners, especially Africans they way they like.

Many Africans are angry with the African ambassadors sent overseas. "They don't do anything to protect us, all what the care about is corruption and greed. Europeans know that they are weak, so they take the advantage of this to kill us" Said one Nigerian who spoke to me about the killing of Avelyn.