THE BITE OF THE MANGO - Mariatu Kamara's Book

Mariatu Kamara, author of 'The Bite Of The Mango'

Interviewed by Jim Clancy, CNN's inside Africa, the Sierra Leonean-born victim of war and author of the book '' The bite of the mango,'' Mariatu Kamara, told her horrific ordeal during the ten-year-long brutal war that maimed thousands of civilians in her country.

Mariatu narrates her story. At 12 fleeing from the activities of the rebels, she finds herself in another village. She felt hungry and decided to go to her village to get some food to eat. On the way, she was captured by the rebels and they amputated both of her wrists. 

For what reason? So that there wouldn't be any hands to vote for the government. But they were wrong ''I still have hands to do whatever I want to do'' Said the courageous woman.

Asked by Jim Clancy why she named her book ''The bite of the mango,'' she explained that after her wrists were cut off , a man came to her aid and offered her a mango to eat. But she felt like a child as being fed. Despite the pains and blood gushing out from her wounds, Mariatu held the mango to eat it herself.

At her book launching in the United States of America, the courageous war victim was awarded ''Voices of Courage Award'' She happily interacted and answered questions of people that want to know her story and spoke of the meaning of the award to her. 

Her message is ''Never give up in life, no matter the situation. She went on further to say that victims of war and other calamities to keep on pushing until success is achieved.

Mariatu is not only a courageous but a strong woman that has brought to the awareness of the world the suffering of war victims globally.

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