Men and women, which of them are the most faithful and sincere?

A cheating man caught red handed

I write many interesting issues but I have never thought of writing about genders faithfulness or unfaithfulness to each other when one day, someone asked me that, "Why do most men die and leave behind their wives?" 

I couldn`t find an answer to her question, then without a thought, I said, "Because most men are unfaithful to their partners." I was surprised she was satisfied with my answer.

But is it very true that men fall short when it comes to dishonesty? Well, many men lie and cheat on their partners but also women. 

Most men cheat on their wives and girlfriends for several reasons, including lack of sexual satisfaction, biological problems which the woman is not aware of but of which the man cannot speak about it. But with women? I keep on asking myself "Why do they often cheat on their men?"

Are they also looking for sexual satisfaction or money? On Monday, 28 September 2009, whilst waiting at London`s Victoria Coach Station to join my bus to Dorset, a sad story caught my attention in an entertainment newspaper called "London Lite" The story was about a woman who was allegedly strangled by her own husband, after discovering that she was having an affair with another man.

The husband after having enough evidence including a secret taping of 127 hours of his wife conversations with her lover confronted his wife, who asked for a divorce. To me, that was a very good wife. She did not deny her unfaithfulness but quickly asked for a divorce of which her man should have accepted the request and give her the freedom.

Instead, he did the most stupid thing a man should do. Fearing the loss of his home, two children and fortune, the jealous husband chose to kill his wife, pretending he hasn`t any knowledge of her death. The court heard of his wife`s previous adulterous adventures. Marriage always turns to a different angle of diverse problems when there isn`t any transparency, honesty and faithfulness.

Even though I know that most men die leaving their partners, I can`t really say it is because of their unfaithfulness to their partners, since women also cheat on their husbands. But is a true fact that greater percentage of men cheat on their wives than women.