World Leaders must help Africa not be used as sanctuary for terrorism

Terrorism in Africa

Islam means patience, love and togetherness. This is the definition given by many Moslems when asked to give a little explanation of what the religion is about. But the new crave of violence going on around the world and the desire to commit suicide by killing innocent people by Islamic fanatics, quickly questions or disagrees with that definition. 

Islam is fast becoming a violent religion more than love and togetherness they are preaching about.
Failed suicide bomber Umar Abdulmutallab spelt out his nightmare vision of a world ruled by fanatical Islamic hardliners in a series of internet messages. 

Many times the continent of Africa is totally neglected or underestimated. The success of this 23-year-old terrorist by beating security measures and all their detectors and made it into the plane with the intention to bomb Flight 253, from Amsterdam to the United States, warns world leaders not to underestimate Africans any longer.

If his deadly intentions would have been successful, Islamic fanatics like al-Queda would have boasted about it and planned more attacks. It is now time for world leaders to concentrate more on Africa to prevent the usage of that continent as a safe haven for terrorists.

I believe that there will be a time genuine Moslems and true followers of the prophet Mohammed would openly speak against what their fanatic brothers are doing and try to do their best to end or reduce this unnecessary global violence, especially in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan.