Tiger Woods: His golf ball landed at a wrong place of a woman

When Tiger Woods, the great golf player extramarital affair was exposed, the media and the action of a section of public against him were as if none of them had ever done wrong before. They painted Mr. Woods double darker than he is and judged him as the biggest adulterer or fornicator in the universe.

To me, there are thousands of people, including celebrities, musicians, film stars having extra marital affairs yet the media has no knowledge about it. As an African, I always speak in proverbs. One says that "when the air blows then you see the backside of the chicken" When your cup is full then secrete things are exposed.

From biblical time to our present generation great men have fallen to their knees because of women. Samson submitted to the Philistines because of Delilah. King Ahab glory fell to grass by listening to his wife's advice. Jezebel forced him to take possession of Naboth's vineyard. That cost him much.

Mike Tyson, formerly one of the world's strongest boxers, served a jail sentence because of his rape case against Desire Washington. Bill Clinton, ex-America president had his share of disgrace because of Monica Lewinski, a white house staff. Kobi Bryan, the NBA star , narrowly escaped prison because of a woman. Jeffery Archer, the British author, failed to be elected as the major of London because he slept with a prostitute.

It would be an unending feature if I keep on giving examples of great men floored by women. These problems men are facing keep on surfacing in the papers each and every day but none serves as a deterrent to anyone, until they are exposed. They say women are weaker gender, but to me, they are stronger than men.

Tiger Woods is not the only wrongdoer. One thing I don't understand is the women that openly told the world that they had the affair with Mr. Woods. Do they want money or fame? I call this cheap publicity. If one wants to be famous, he or she must try on his own.The media should leave him alone. The man has suffered a great deal psychologically.