Eryka Badu

Every musician and the public know that sex video clips for music sells. Competition in music these days is very strong that every artist wants to come out or produce what no one else has ever done in the field of music.

It is unfortunate that a respected singer like Eryka Badu, choice of making her video clip to promote or sell her music has rather given her disrespect or hatred in the eyes of the general public.

On CNN American version, I watched the video clip over and over. The shocking part is how could someone who is not insane or having no mental disorder could walk in public, a famous place for tourists where the assassination of President Kennedy took place decades ago and shed off her clothes to be nude in the eyes of the public , then after a gun shot she fell like someone playing a role in a film. All this is for a music video clip.

I think there are many ways Eryka should have chosen to make this clip. I don't know what was in her mind before shooting that clip. My question is "does she feel sorry for the assassination of president Kennedy or she felt good about it that was why she imitated his  assassination?

Whatever reason Eryka did this for, I wish she could apologise to the Americans because, in my opinion, that was a total disrespect to the Kennedy family and the whole Americans.