The cursed twins? Madagascar abandons twins because of the superstition that they bring bad luck

Africa is bound by so many outdated superstitions and other issues considered taboo. Nothing better is seen in these superstitions and traditions they keep on holding from their ancestors, than poverty that has engulfed the whole continent.

Madagascar is a one of the strongest superstitions countries off the coast of Africa. They believe that twins bring bad luck to the community and to this day still holds this primitive ideology and philosophy about twins.

According to history, twins are immediately separated or one is killed or abandoned in the forest after birth. Why? To avoid the harsh punishment from the traditional chief and the community, because families are not allowed to keep twins. One of the bad lucks they believe could happen to them if families kept twins is the whole villagers would die.

With this kind of superstition, what future do Madagascar twins children have? This is the beginning of how children are traumatized all for the sake of outdated stupid superstitions. However, a media campaign and discussions with local leaders are taking place.

In another development, the country is implementing new ideas designed to change these traditional and superstition beliefs. Until the harsh treatment to twins in Madagascar is completely eliminated, world organisations in charge of children rights must step in to intervene.

The twins children of Madagascar are like normal children in any part of the world. They need parental care, good health care, and education. The world must fight to end this senseless superstition in Madagascar.