Preventing Street-Child Explosion in Third World Countries

Street children in Africa

Children these days are traditionally the subject of ridicule, humiliation, abuse and mental torture. Besides South America and Asia, Africa is another continent yet to find a remedy to the number of streets children without any education.

The problems associating with street children varies. Broken homes, separation or divorce, parents inability to bring up children, lack of education and teenage pregnancy. How do we assess the institution of marriage today in our society when so many divorces and activities of irresponsible parents are causing havoc to our children?

Without much or any financial support, single mothers are left to face problems in bringing up children and earning money to give the child a good education. The devil always has a work for idle hands. Lack of education forces young girls into prostitution. After giving birth out of hardship and frustration, the teenage mothers abandoned their children.

Later the children grow up to be juvenile criminals, destitute,  glue sniffers and junkies. The question is if a mother can't afford to feed her child how then can the child get an education? 

This is a burning issue that leaders of Third World Countries must consider as a priority, to create free or lower the cost of education for every child to be at school.