Britain: When alcohol takes its toll on you, where to sit or sleep doesn't matter

Britain, no doubt is a famous tourist country. The Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Number 10 Down Street etc are places that make Britain unique in the tourism sector. But statistically, Britain is well known and famous too for the country's high percentage of alcohol consumption and the booming of teenage pregnancy.

Teenage Pregnancy and Alcoholism, used to be social problems affecting Third World Countries. For example in Asia, Africa and some parts of Latin America, poverty has escalated to alcoholism and prostitution of under-aged girls. The result is disastrous. In-experience mothers carrying babies and young boys fathering children instead of been at the classrooms. As a result of these problems child-deliquency is on the rise.

The question is "Is Britain also a Third World Country?" What is causing these propblems? Inadequate sex education? Are most of the drinkers from broken homes? On the streets of Britain it very common at weekends to see young men and women stumbling through streets with drinks. They drink without knowing their limit and some sleep by the roadside and on pavements. Some are even raped and dumbed.

The drunkards engage in brawls, violence and public disorder, whilst the police toil in vain to maintain order and tend to those that need help. What a sick society is Britain turning to? During drinking hours, streets are littered with refuse of empty bottles and cans. Answering nature's call is done everywhere without a second thought, as results the alleys and street corners stink of urine. This is hazardous to public health.

Over the past years the price of drinks had been inflated to prevent more alcohol consumption but this is not working. Health experts say the availabilty of cheap alcohol at the super markets is a major factor to this problem. Another point is how do Britain want youths to refrain from alcohol when most of their churches had been closed and turned to drinking pubs?

According to statistics, the average British of 15 and older, drink the equivalent of about 11.2 liters of pure alcohol a year. The report said treating alcohol-related conditions cost the state-run health service about £2.7 billion in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2007, almost double the cost in the year 2001. The pubs and supermarkets do not care about these anti-social problems. They are selling for money to pay their workers.

It is the task of the government to come out with good mearsures that could help to reduce this problem. Average alcohol consumption has fallen in many nations but Britain remains the same. In my country there is a proverb which says that "No one drinks a medicine for a sick person" therefore it is the duty of  Britain, as British citizens to restore your dignity in a positive way.