A Muslim woman in full face veil: Where is her comfort?

Belgium would soon be the first country in Western Europe to ban the full-face covering veils by Moslem women. The action explains this as not a discrimination against religion or Moslem women but for better integration and communication. "We have to know the people we communicate with," they said.

As a matter of fact, the misinterpretation of the Koran has imprisoned many Moslem women that they find it extremely difficult to get out of their predicament. There are thousands of women who do not wear the face-veil at all and they could explain the reason why it's not necessary while others that wear would also explain its significance. 

In this case, there are divisions already within the Moslem women community over face covering.

Every country has its own law. People have to respect and obey the law. The old saying still exists "If you go to Rome, you do what the Romans do" I am imagining in this modern world, travelling to any Arab country with the intention of  building a church. I don't think that permission  would ever be granted to me. 

The reason is simple and logical. I will be told this is an Arab country we don't permit that. Yet in every part of Europe where there is a large concentration of Moslems, permission has been given to them to build Mosques. 

This is because Europe respects religion. Why then are they accusing Belgium of discriminating against women if they want people that want to live in their country to follow and observe their law?

In the Arabic world, there is a dance called "Belle dancing". It is a Western-coined name for a traditional Middle-East dance. Belle dancing takes different forms depending on a country. The most featured part of the dancing is constantly moving with the hips. 

Moslem women perform this dance in restaurants and cabarets, with "naked or nude belly" watched by admirers with applaud. My question is if Moslem women can expose their belly nakedly to be watched by hundreds of people at the restaurant and festivals, why is it difficult for them to unveil in public? I leave this question for themselves to answer.

To make it clear,  I am not encouraging the Belgian government to ban the wearing of a full-face veil. This article is based on my opinion, the fact is that Belgium is their country and we have to obey and respect their laws. 

If we travel to any Arab country we have to obey and respect their laws as well. Recently someone was arrested in an Arab country for kissing his girlfriend in public. I have never heard of such thing before, yet that is prohibited in that country. We also need to respect and obey the law of the Europeans.