The fall of Nigeria's Economy: Can Goodluck Jonathan restore its glory?

Goodluck Jonathan: With Nigeria under his administration, he has bitten more than he can chew

The present state of Nigeria, a country once richer than many European countries, shows how corruption could affect a country and ruin it without any immediate remedy. 

In the seventies and late eighties Nigeria, even though is an African country, due to its good flourishing economy, its local currency, the Naira has value more than even the Dollar and other foreign currencies. Corruption, tribalism, nepotism and lack of good governance have made a country once worth living, to be a nightmare for its ordinary citizens.

Each day hundreds of people are trying to leave the poverty stricken country to overseas. Most of them without proper documentation to facilitate the visa application, end up buying fake documents such as certificates of professional jobs, birth, and fake bank attests to the British Embassy. The embassy is overwhelmed with the number of fake documents they received each day.

After the death of the long-ailing Yar'Adua the president, Goodluck Jonathan the vice president was peacefully sworn in on Thursday 4th May 2010 as president of Nigeria. But the country is set to hold presidential elections next year and it remains unclear who the top candidates will be. 

In recent times; political instability, religious violence, and militant attacks on energy pipelines have significantly affected the country. The oil-rich Nigeria's economy isn't getting better but worse each day.

Now that Jonathan is in power, the question is "has he a magic wand to save the crippled economy of Nigeria?" And again who will be named the vice-president to Jonathan? 

At his swearing in, Jonathan said that he would work to ensure next year's polls were credible. "Our total commitment to good governance, electoral reform and the fight against corruption would be pursued with greater vigour," Said Mr. Jonathan, according to Reuters.

But Nigerians are tired of hearing this whenever a new president is sworn in, for corruption is an incurable disease not only in Nigeria but the entire Africa. After independence, many countries in Africa seemed they can't manage state  affairs without corruption.

What is the significance of independence when most African countries were better off under the colonial government? Africa has so many questions to answer. It's our duty to restore our country's dignity. Enough is enough, corruption must be kicked out in African politics.