GAY COUPLES CHILD ADOPTION :Is it right or wrong?

Every child needs a mother and father

Every man has the right to decide his own destiny. One shouldn't discriminate against someone because of his or her religious beliefs or sexual preference.  From time memorial, many have been prosecuted, imprisoned and killed for their religious beliefs or sexual preference.

Hostility, hatred, and discrimination is now the new act against gay couples and lesbians.The society doesn't want to accept their choice of partnership and recognise their 'rights' as modest people in the society. They are seen as strange people from another planet and treated like outcasts.

Biblically, the sexual preference gays and lesbians have chosen or fighting to be recognised and accepted in  our society, was exactly what led to the destruction of the cities Sodom and Gomorrah. There are many Christians around the world, including Catholics that read the Holy Bible daily but still practice gay and lesbian affairs. Even a pastor that suppose to lead people not to go astray officiate gay and lesbians matrimonies.

For some time now a hot debate is going on in many parts of the world over the decision of gay couples to adopt a child. Gays and lesbians think is their right to adopt a child but Society and many welfare organisations see it as an abominable act. Who is right or wrong?

The most prevailing influence anything can have on a child is the influence of his or her parents, especially the mother. Therefore, parents are required to develop virtuous morals and character. 

For example, most children begin smoking very early because their parents smoke. The same thing applies to alcohol. Don't try to stop your child from smoking and drinking whilst you are a heavy drinker and smoker yourself.

Children get confused when drifted in situations not certainly sure of. In my opinion, I think a straight child may find him or herself in a very deep confusion when being raised in the home of gay couples. If a child wakes up in the morning, which of the two men is he calling daddy? 

Seeing two men in bed every day is somehow a mental agony for this vulnerable child who has no choice of her own to speak against his or her dislike in that situation. And seeing two women kissing each day in front of her at home, which of them is she calling her mother?

In fact desire, greed, selfishness and lust of people do not enable or permit them to accept some things which are not right. The adoption of children by gays and lesbians is one typical example. Are they not aware that sexual identity confusion is very common among children raised by gay parents? In the first place if they are desperately looking for a child, why can't they have their own but chose to be lesbians and gays?

In my opinion, child adoption by gay couples and lesbians is completely wrong. The world must stand strong against it. They can choose to be gays and lesbians. That is their 'rights' and decision but they must leave the children alone.