Google: The giant engine search machine plays a significant role in Africa's business

Africa's unstable economy and continuous ethnic conflicts are major causes that prevent its development. Many potential investors do not trust or have any confidence when it comes to business in regard to Africa.  Despite the continents, low internet connectivity and obstacles in the infrastructure, Google, one of the world's internet giants wants to expand it services to Africa.

Even though Africa lags far behind other big emerging markets on the internet market and despite the expense of internet service, Google executives say Africa represents one of the fastest growth rates for internet in the world. According to World Bank and research sites, Nigeria has already 24 million users. Other big users are South Africa and Kenya.

The amount of money invested by Google in its effort to get more people on the line is yet not known. But Google says it has around 40 employees working on Africa-focused projects.  Among the first major plans of Google on the continent, since setting offices there three years ago was the expansion of google maps. Five years ago detailed online maps weren't much available. There are now Google maps of 51 African countries.

Other technologies companies are also targeting the continent's market. Microsoft Corporation, International Business Machines Corp,  Cisco Systems Inc and Hewett-Packard Co, have sales offices throughout Africa, selling office equipment and software to fast-growing companies.