Incest: Bother marries sister

Superstition, beliefs and performing of rituals are associated with many tribes and ethnic groups in different parts of the world. For example, Saturday is Sabbath for the Jews. It is a day for religious services and abstinence from work. Clans, tribes and people carrying out traditional values believe in punishment when the law is broken.

One belief that from ages people consider it a taboo is incest. Sexual intercourse between very closely related people. But as the generation advances some of these taboos are no longer taken into consideration. How serious is the act of incest by the way?

Incest is a common issue these days, even though it is illegal or prohibited. Just imagine a father having sex with his own daughter. A mother making love with his son. What about a brother making love with his own sister and vice-versa. These acts people consider them abominable used to be a hidden matter but now most a public issue.

"I don't see anything wrong with this. People look at us like we are from a different planet. I love my sister and we have a baby now". Here are the words of a young teenager who is defending his actions. The question is, does incest poses any health hazard?

The Holy Bible speaks against incest in many ways. Also, most social scientists believe that children from incestuous affairs have higher risks for hereditary disorders.