Malaria is another deadly disease besides Aids

Malaria has been a long time tropical disease that has ravaged the African continent before the white explorers landed on the shores of Africa. It took many of them to their untimely grave, hence, the continent was referred to as " the white man's grave." 

Despite the amazing discovery of scientific methods, health care improvement, vaccines, and modern technology, malaria every year kills hundreds of children and adults in Africa.

Africa's health care system is very fragile. Poverty has caused the widespread of disease at a faster rate than any issue. Another fact which has escalated malaria in Africa is the poor drainage system. Chocked gutters become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. The world Health Organisation despite its effort to eradicate or control the rate of malaria in Africa has been an unsuccessful issue because of poverty.

In regard to Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), the problem is far worse than malaria. A panel of AIDS experts projected that new adult HIV. infections will rise with population growth if there is no increase in spending. 

Whenever there is any outbreak of global sickness, Africa suffers most because of poverty and lack of education. Many still do not believe that AIDS is real. It is so hard to instill safe sex to many people in Africa.

The AIDS epidemic has ravaged Africa than any continent. Despite decades of scientific efforts, there is still no cure for the disease. Countries widely affected are South Africa, Uganda etc. 

There are few countries like Brazil, India, and Russia, with a limited epidemic that can finance their health care but for the most of Africans and poor countries like Haiti, Guyana, and Cambodia, it is inevitable AIDS will continue to turn people into walking skeletons and escalate in digging of more fresh graves.