Nelson Mandela became president of South Africa after 27 years in prison but he hadn't any magic wand to solve all the problems invented by Apartheid leaders

As a matter of fact, South Africans have suffered a great deal from grim terrorism, segregation, mass killings, and imprisonment without trial under the minority white rule, before the fall of Apartheid. The coming of Nelson Mandela as the first elected president of the Republic of South Africa, gave hope to many South Africans, with the idea that poverty is over and everyone will have the chance for a better education and job opportunities.

Unfortunately, their thoughts are what one could call wishful thinking. Nelson Mandela hasn't the magic wand to heal a nation that has been crippled for ages with Apartheid virus which has created a big difference of "white rich and black poor". Unemployment soared, coupled with high rate of crime. The suffering escalated when the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome started taking its toll on them.

Under the administration of Jacob Zuma, South Africa hosted the just concluded World Cup  Prior to the match South Africans thought the tournament will help to create job opportunities for them.Unfortunately, the game has ended with South Africans facing another bleak future.

The World Cup has certainly put South Africa more firmly in a global perspective as the first African country to host a world cup tournament. The question now is "what is next after all the money made in this world cup? Would that create more jobs to improve the welfare of the people? Time will tell or God only Knows.