As large and updated as African music is, one of the names making the Africa music popular is Youssou N'dour. His regal garment in the Senegalese mbalax is thicker than any esteem armour meant to be achieved in the vibrant tama, percussion, and marimba-influenced style.

A good product truly doesn't need any advert. Youssou has dominated  the African music over two decades. He has played, toured widely and collaborated with many international singers. Sfinks festival is not a new place to him. Youssou has played there a couple of years ago. Surprisingly, the 35 edition of this year's festival has brought him back to the podium to entertain the people.

Youssou has succeeded in transporting mbalax to the far extreme of  the global platform. His concerts in Europe and America attract a large audience. Born in Dakar- Senegal 1959, N'dour is a singer endowed with remarkable range and poise, as a composer and producer. He absorbs the entire Senegal musical spectrum in his work.

Named "African artist of the century" by the English publication Folk Roots, at the threshold of the year 2000, Youssou has made mbalax famous throughout the world more than twenty years of recording and touring out Senegal.

He remains a revered figure in his country and in the ever-growing worldwide Senegalese diaspora. He has duet with many international stars, including Perter Gabriel and Neneh Cherry. For more information on his second appearance at sfinks festival, go to