Camara Laye

"The Radiance of the King" is one of Guinean-born Camara Laye's symbolical novels. A white man called Clarence has just arrived in Africa but has already lost all his money at gambling. 

As a result, he has been thrown out of his hotel; he finds refuge in an African Inn.

Clarence goes out to find the African king of the country in order to enter his service. The king arrives on one of the rare occasions when he does appear in public, but Clarence cannot get more than a glimpse of him. He is joined by an impudent beggar and subsequently by a pair of boys Nagoa, and Noaga, who are full of bounce.

The king leaves for his palace and the beggar follows him to see if Clarence can gain access to him. He comes back to tell the white man that there is no place for him and advises him to go south where the two boys were also going. The innkeeper insisted that Clarence should part with his jacket to pay his debt.

This is a very interesting book that once someone starts reading, may not like to put down until the reading is over. Camara Laye's style of writing and interesting books  made him one of the best African writers. Some of his books are currently used as literature books in many countries in Africa and some translated into other languages.

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