Children's Rights, that are constantly abused by Adults

Children's Rights

Every child has the right to live, but how many children are killed worldwide before and after they are born? Every child has the right to information, but how many are prevented from knowing the truth?

Every child has the right to education and social amenities, but how many are denied access to education and happiness? We are witnessing the cruelties against children today worldwide. 

Every child has the right to medical care, but thousands are dying every day by deseases, such as Aids, kwashiorkor etc, in painful manners. Every child has right to decision and opinion, but how many are victims of injustices every day?

Every child has the right to be named and to have a nationality, but there are thousands of children denied nationality by many countries. Every child in this world has the right to eat and drink enough. Unfortunately, thousands of children are dying as a result of hunger, famine and lack of water each and every day.

When children are trained  to take interest in reading, they benefit greatly from wider knowledge they gain from learning about people and places outside their own narrow world. Unfortunately, so many children do not know what education is about.

A child shouldn't be a victim of war or be used as a soldier. But today, thousands of children are drawn into conflicts, tribal uprisings and wars to fight with adults.

A child shouldn't be abused, burdened or sold into slavery, for child labour. But today thousands of children are being trafficked, forced into prostitution and hard labour in every horrific manner to make money.

A child can never fight for himself. They depend on parents or adults because they easily trust people, but today the same adults that the children trust, are making them miserable, unhappy, and even killing them. 

So who must children depend on now for a better future? Children are asset to national development in every part of the world. It's the responsiblity of adults to give them every care, help, and education in their growth and development.