SIERRA LEONE needs more International help aftermath the war

Child killers at war in Sierra Leone

The war in Sierra Leone is over but the result is disastrous. A grim picture of victims of war with physical and psychological scars are all over the provinces. As said by one of the victims calling for international help.

"If you can permit me, I can send some photos of war victims still on the street of  Freetown and other big towns, having no proper care, no shelter, and no food. They only survive by begging on the street for their daily living."

In 2008, when I visited Freetown, what I saw was really sad to narrate. How could people be so cruel? What crime has a  baby or child committed to deserve amputation of both wrists? Victims mind is still filled with sad emotions of bitterness in regard to what happened to them. 

They can forgive but can't forget of what exactly took place in Sierra Leone. The war victims are all over the provinces with amputated hands and legs. Sad to say that the less fortunate ones had both hands amputated.  

This is the biggest problem the government of Sierra Leone is presently facing.  The people need international help in terms of  feeding, shelter, clothing, medical facility and education for children roaming on the streets without certain future.

This horrific war that claimed thousands of lives and maimed both children and adults could have been prevented. The developed countries were very slow to respond to the cry of the Sierra Leoneans, until when they observed how serious the war is moving. 

In order to halt the brutal war many musicians including Lucky Dube, the South African reggae star and the great Joseph Hill of Culture-Jamaica (both deceased) sacrificed their lives to play peace concerts in the capital Freetown. Joseph Hill told the rebels to put down their weapons and they obeyed.

At one point the rebels told the government of Tejan Kabbah that "You are lucky that Paa Hill is here (referring to Joseph Hill), else we shall destroy this city within twenty-four hours". 

Even though the government is working on to promote the welfare of the people, especially children, youth and women in their quest to achieve Social Justice, Advocacy, Human Rights and Social Improvement in a participatory approach irrespective of Tribe, Race, Gender, and Religion, Sierra Leone still needs international help.