A child needs education towards future developments

In many Third World countries, there is a decline in the reading standard of children, due to many problems such as the inability to purchase books and failure of parents themselves to read and teach their children to follow their steps.

Most of the time when the performance of a child at school is poor, the fault is placed at the doorsteps of teachers but then as parents, what help do we give our children when they are out of sight of teachers?

Educationists had often said that in Africa, the reading ability of children is poor because they are not encouraged to read and learn. Parents that did not get the opportunity to be educated may feel that education is a waste of time, and therefore, the child should engage in trade.

But now it is well accepted that since a child out of school is a waste of natural resources, the children's interest in books should be a priority and considered a responsibility for every parent and teacher. The library is said to be the heart of a school. It plays a major role in teaching and encouraging children to read.

The numerous books in the library is a source of delight to children, as they take in and take out books regularly. This improves their reading ability.