CONINCKPLEIN IN ANTWERP, STILL DRUG PEDDLING NEIGHBOURHOOD(Antwerp needs citizens action for neighbourhood safety)

Coninckplein, a neighbourhood within the municipal zone of 2060 in Antwerp, has been a centre for all notorious and nefarious activities in the past. Just an hour investigation and survey at the area on Saturday, November 20, 2010, revealed that the place has increased in its criminal activities more than ever.

The new library 'Permerke' has transformed Coninckplein in Antwerp

Drug peddlers, criminals, scavengers, alcoholics and thieves, have chosen Coninckplein as their safe haven or paradise. It's unfortunate that the modern library built a few years ago to transform the place is not yielding any good result to the continually terrorised neighbourhood.

Junkies, alcoholics, the homeless and criminals in possession of stolen items and fake jewels, interrupt decent people and pedestrians with their fake ornaments forcing them to buy. People who are not interested in buying stolen items and fake ornaments can't even secure their freedom easily. It can take them munites to break free from the frustrated criminals.

Coninckplein has been a centre of concern for every administration of the past and present of elected Mayors of Antwerp. Unfortunately, nothing has been achieved so far. One thing I have observed so far is, any time the police in Antwerp, set up a "Police Mobile Office" at the place, the activities of the criminals and drug peddling dwindle or subside. They only resurface when the police move away.

As a matter of fact, another issue causing more problems within the vicinity is the sale of alcohol by many Cafe and alcohol shops at the place. Coninckplein under such state, the Mayor of Antwerp, Patrick Janssens, should realise that he has a big responsibility to make the place safe hanging on his shoulders.

Antwerpen needs citizen action for neighbourhood safety. Community strategy must be enforced to improve the quality of life. Coninckplein really needs a face-lift. If necessary all the alcohol and cafes brewing crime and drug peddling in the area must be permanently shut down.