Dangerous implements used for female circumcision in Africa

Oppression and discrimination against women have become major concerns in many parts of the world, including Africa. Many women have become subject to all kinds of horrible situations, ranging from rape, sexual harassment and physical battering, to psychological abuse.

In some parts of Africa and Asia, men hold the view that "as a husband to that woman" they have the right to beat up their wives any time they wish to do so. The ignorant idea that girls are not as important as boys views women as sexual objects rather than industrious, hard working people.

An outdated practice going on in Africa, which has caused much health hazard to women, is female circumcision. In the Republic Of Sierra Leone an ethnic group calling its self "The Bondo Society" still carries this practice. 

Why female circumcision? The idea behind this barbarous act , which has caused so much misery and sickness to thousands of women across Africa, is to "help" the woman to be faithful and stay with only her husband.

Female circumcision is practised in 26 countries across Africa and the significance behind this act is totally meaningless and not beneficial to women in any way. Women are not going to be tied down by this outdated tradition. The world must fight against this wicked act. It's totally inhuman.