Judge Ian Trigger, ignore the Chief Justice and do your job

In the course of duty as a judge or lawyer, many are those that come under attack within the judiciary premises. In my opinion, there was nothing wrong when Judge Ian Trigger spoke against the Britain's lax immigration policy in 2009, which the chief justice finds it a bitter pill to swallow. Judge Trigger you have spoken the truth, nothing but the truth.

There is a problem in Britain. The ministers and member of parliaments speak about it daily, yet the problems continue to exist because in their opinion "Word speaks louder than action" There is never a solution to a problem if an action is not taken. I need to remind them.

For example, there are so many crime in Britain. It is not because there is no job but most of the people are lazy. I quote Judge Trigger "People say there are no jobs around but why are immigrants flooding in and working hard? 

They are just dirty jobs and the people don't want to do them" Despite this statement Judge Trigger feels tied or handicap to deliver the right punishment for a criminal, because of the way he was attacked by the Chief Justice in 2009.

Instead of working hard to revive the ailing economy of Britain, many choose to indulge in crime. At the moment Britain is the leading country in Europe, booming with teenage pregnancy and alcoholism. David Cameron has a big responsibility on his shoulders if he wants to make Britain a crime free and healthy country.