Depression often leads to suicide but you can overcome that suicidal thought

In response to extreme life problems, such as poverty, emotional pain, marriage problems, child abuse, debt, poor health, emotional upset, terrible living conditions, mental disorders, injury, chronic diseases and a lot of others, many choose to take their own life. It is unfortunate that people seemed not to value life any longer that they resort to this act which the scriptures speak about in the Holy Bible.

I have never met any suicide victim before because it's only few who survive when quickly saved. But one day I met a beautiful mother of two nice daughters in Antwerp, at the central library and we became friends. During our conversation, she told me the stupid thing she did when she was seventeen. She jumped over a bridge and fell on a highway with the aim of ending her life, but no vehicle run over her.

As look at her, I knew that she was saved because the Lord wants her to survive to tell others not to attempt suicide during emotional stress or any other problem. Then I asked her if she has faith in God. She shuddered negatively but said she believes there is a certain spirit that guides us. I said Yes! That unseen spirit that guides us is the Lord, Jesus the unseen guest.

In fact, suicide is an evil thing to do. I feel sorry for those that take other peoples' life by their own request when gravely ill. The wounds suicide leaves in the lives of those left behind by it are often deep and long lasting. Many people underestimate the Bible. But that Holy Book is powerful to heal a tormented mind than the doctor's prescription.

Pray without ceasing in the time of distress and see the miraculous result afterwards. Life is beautiful and precious we mustn't waste it.