Maathai: The first African woman in Kenya to earn a doctorate, the 64-year-old biologist gained international recognition in 1977 when she founded the Green Belt

To gain international recognition for African Women in both daily life, social and political activities, Italian cooperation, an integral part of Italy's foreign policy, has announced it is working with over thirty local authorities and hundreds of personalities from Italian and international cultural and entertainment and the civil society on campaign to promote the candidacy of African women for the Nobel Peace Prize.

The cooperation called "NOPPAW" (Nobel Peace Prize for African Women) campaign. The exercise is sponsored by Solidarita' e Cooperazione Cipsi and ChiAma I'Africa with the support of the Italian foreign ministry. The cooperation aims to organise many events around the country to promote African women's growing role across the African's continent.

"African women are the continent's compelling leaders, both in daily life, social and political activities," said Guido Barbera, president of Solidarieta' e Cooperazione Cipsi in a statement released by Italian foreign ministry. Africa stands on their feet, female entrepreneurs, politicians, promoters of rights, health, peace and co-existence; it is impossible to imagine the future of Africa, without picturing the many ordinary women who carry the weight of this land every day, taking on its tragedies and bearing its hope," Barbera added.

According to the ministry, initiatives will be taken over the coming months, following the campaign's re-launch on International Women's Day, on March 8, 2011, in various regions of Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso and other African countries. 

The implementation plans will officially be presented to the European parliament in Brussels on May 23, 2011, by the Italian Foreign Ministry, with numerous activities throughout the year.