Sylvio Berlusconi the Cassanova head of sate

No matter how powerful and intelligent a man is, he has a weakness in something. Many are those with promising careers, rich and famous that alcohol and drug have removed them from the right track to taste the bitter part of sad life and many are those that have publicly disgraced themselves because of their association with other women outside wedlock as married men.

Ex-president Bill Clinton, ex-boxer Mike Tyson, Jeffery Archer, Tiger Woods, to mention but a few, are four major examples of men that daylight turned to darkness because of a woman. This form of disgrace upon married men keeps on coming to the news daily, yet none of these publications serve as a lesson to keep them tarnishing their image with women affairs.

The latest of these publications is that of Sylvio Berlusconi, the Italian premier. The president has been accused of having sex with underage girls, provided free flats to fourteen of his favourite girls and spending large sums of money on girls at his sex-organised parties named 'Bunga-Bunga-Sexroom at his villa. An investigation has also revealed that Berlusconi paid and had sex with a 17-year-old girl. This is a young girl that could be a daughter to Berlusconi.

Further investigation has revealed that in the past 8 months, Berlusconi organised 45 sex parties. Many Italian politicians think Berlusconi deserves not to be a premier but what they have forgotten is that the Business tycoon owns all the major televisions stations in the country, which has provided work for thousands of Italians, in this case, many like him and do not care about what he does in his private life. He has money and power and that's what are ruling his life.

As a matter of fact, this sex scandal can be used as a 'crime' against Berlusconi by politicians and other public heads  that do not like him and therefore wanted to remove him from power but the common Italians do not care much about this. If successfully Berlusconi is removed from power today, the same man would be elected again tomorrow.

Just like the mafia organisation, they have captured many of its brains behind but the organisation still exists, causing havoc and crime in Italy and around the world. Berlusconi might be a philander but his charisma has captured the heart of the people to the extent that he can't be defeated.