Internet frauds move online search for the weak minded

Beware of emails from people one may not well acquainted, from countries like Nigeria and Britain, as an intensive investigation has shown that about 60 percent of fake emails with the intention to defraud people mainly comes from Nigeria, whilst about 40 percent comes from Great-Britain.

Some years ago, it was false lotto winning notification, then followed fake e-mail lotto winning notification too. After many fell victims to the aforementioned crimes, the police stepped in, and in Spain alone, after a year investigation in 2005, the Spanish police broke up a Nigerian internet fraud gang, which had conned more than 20,000 people over the internet.

The criminals always find  new ways to defraud people, whenever the old plans do not work any longer. Yahoo mail account request, DHL parcel number tracking and false claims of inheritance by looking for partners in Europe and America to transfer huge amounts of money into their foreign accounts with an agreed percentage to be given, were all used by these criminals.

Today, a new plan has surfaced and it is working. The new development is, some criminals in Third World Countries, especially Nigeria are impersonating as British or American citizens. They explore the internet soliciting for friendship or a serious relationship in Europe. 

To avoid any doubt or suspicion they scan an American or British passports showing their face to convince the person they are corresponding with in Europe that they are genuine American or British citizens.  

Without any second thought, some people easily become interested. Investigations have revealed that the scanned passports are genuine but the names in them are fake and the pictures are not the real owners of the passports. The amazing discovery of computer and technology have made the work on the passports very easy.

If the one in Europe is a man, the scanned copy of the passports come with a photo of an extremely beautiful woman, one may find it hard to resist. As such a beautiful  American or British lady, whatever she requests so that she may travel down to Europe to you is quickly released.  

When challenged as not genuine British or American, they quickly provide a telephone number to call. Try it and see and behold you hear the accent of an American or British woman talking to you from Nigeria. Because the criminals have collaborated with women that are living or previously lived in America or Britain. 

This is what people should be aware of now as many people are now responding before they realised that they have been conned.


Few of  false lotto winning notification comes from Britain. British criminals are much interested in writing false letters of employment. People mustn't respond to unfamiliar letters of employment indicating large sums of salary, benefits and bonus. When interested they request some personal information including bank account. Once this information is given, you may later see a big 'hole' in your account.


Another internet fraud that people should be aware of is Poetry and Writing sites. Initially, you may think they want to make you rich and famous when they select your poem. But that's not true. They rather use you to make money. From the horse own mouth, I paid for the publication of a poem in a book. 

After receiving a copy of the book, they sent me a picture of a trophy that they claimed I have won. Then then requested an amount of 169 dollars from me to send the trophy to me. I didn't do it. Even a moron could easily know that the directors behind such  "Poetry.Com" are criminals.


Internet frauds are not only experienced from criminals in Third World  and advanced countries, some internet advertising giants are also involved. About two years ago, I received a letter from one of them to pay me 70 dollars, that's the money I made after people visited my blog. 

I was told to give them my account to pay in a little money to see if the account is really mine. I did that and 52 cents was deposited in the account. I confirmed the amount but never heard from them again. After 6 months, they wrote to me thanking of my patience and would soon receive the money. It's two years now nothing has been heard from them.

The purpose of this article is to let people know how easily they could fall a prey to fraudsters, for them to keep awake or be conscious not to fall a victim to these merciless and wicked criminals.