Divorce is now very common in our today's society

Hundreds of couples, particularly on Sundays at wedding ceremonies, make vows and promises to each other. After the wedding or even a traditional marriage, starts a big celebration together with  family and friends, with the couple full of hopes and dreams. As a matter of fact, marriage is a journey not only full of happiness but pain, tragedies, misery, sadness and uncertainty.

What are the causes of marriage failure?

Even though there are articles, seminars of how couples to spend happy time together and thousands of books on the road to a happy marriage, there is always a failure in many marriages. There are many reasons leading to many breakups of marriages but most reasons are not spending enough time together, cheating, allowing bitterness and resentment to build in couples heart.

The results of some bitter separations and divorces could be disastrous. Some break-up of marriages had led partners to mental institutions and others after a long time still find it difficult to come to terms with what had happened to them. If children are involved some are badly affected depending how old they are.

It is unfortunate that many couples do not recognise the Holy Bible as one of the best books that could guide marriage to happiness. Gen 49:4, Mal 2:14, Matt 23:30, Deut 24:5, Mark 12:23 etc, all speak about marriages.

Wealth doesn't guarantee a happy marriage. The same thing also applies to the poor. It is commitment, trust, and love that could build a happy marriage. That is the reason the greatest commandment of all the commandments is "Love thy neighbour as thyself".