The mosque: a place of prayers and where all evil plans are hatched

“When you go to Rome you do what the Romans do”. This statement doesn’t mean any discrimination or racism in any way. It simply means that the country belongs to the Romans. 

In this case, they make their laws and rules, so every abiding citizen including foreigners must obey this law. As easy for Christians to understand this law, some religious sect takes it as discriminatory and racism.

I do agree with the leader of the “Vlaams Belang Party” Philip De Winter, in Belgium when protesting against the building of a central mosque in Antwerp. The reason is simple and logical. First of all, “Belgium is a country that belongs to the Belgians; therefore, they have to make their own rules and laws, not foreigners. These rules and laws must be obeyed including foreigners.

Point number two, an investigation has revealed that most of  the terrorism plans are hatched in mosques. It would be recalled in the political history of Ghana when J. J. Rawlings came to power as Flight-Lieutenant, the first thing he did was to demolish the mosque in the central Accra, because that was the centre of all evil activities by so-called Islam worshippers. The place is now a central car parking place.

Point number three, if any Belgian living in an Arab land, requests the permission to build a Cathedral or church in that country, the permit is not only going to be denied but also, he may serve a prison sentence for speaking about Christianity in an Arab land. So why should the West or America always permit the building of mosques in their countries? Are they afraid of Moslems? I can’t simply understand.

Once I was walking along Pothoekstraat in Antwerpen and saw a Belgian driving. He stopped and called a Moroccan and requested for the direction of a street he was looking for. I was shocked of what I saw. Instead of the Moroccan telling him that I don’t know the street or here is the street, he went closer to the driver and spat on his face. With saliva full on his face, the Belgian drove his car away? What is the sense in this?

Being strict and implementing laws and rules against foreigners doesn’t give a room for one to be called a racist, but are some of the measures to reduce crime and theft in a society. Belgians must wake up, else one day they will see themselves burning in a fire they did not start. Problems are solved in a diplomatic way. There is no room for violence anywhere in this world as a means of solving a problem.