One of the best transport connection systems and flexibility, facilitating easy movement of workers, school children, students etc in Europe, can be found in Antwerp. Yet the city planners are not at rest, always trying their best to improve the transportation system.

For example, a new tram line is under construction. That would run from Mortsel to Boechout, both suburbs of Antwerp. Another new line is from Deurne to Wijnegem Shopping Center. In June this year, the city of Antwerp, introduced a number of red and white bicycles to facilitate easy movement in the city during rush hours.

"The bicycle hiring has been successful from the start. The customer service every day gets approximately eighty applications for one year card, and the number is increasing every day". Said Ivon Deden, the head of the customer service. According to Ivon, by the end of summer, the cycle network will expand to about 85 stations.

There are many benefits to using bicycles as a regular mode of transport. Personal health benefit is very important. Cycling keeps the body in shape, reducing the chances of getting any heart problems. Cost benefits is another advantage as a bicycle doesn't attract any parking fees and petrol filling.

 Finally, in regard to environmental benefits, a bicycle never pollutes the atmosphere and can quickly take one to his destination during rush hours. In Europe, bicycle plays important role as a mode of  transport in many countries, such as Holland, Denmark, France and Norway