Apartheid South Africa

In the 1990s, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, chaired by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, granted amnesties to some of the perpetrators of violence and human rights abuses in apartheid-era South Africa.

To forgive, in the sight of the Lord, is better than violence and revenge, but in regard to the seriousness of the crime the ex-apartheid leaders did against the South Africans, it should have been a priority that none should have escape prosecution, including other world leaders at that time, like the British premier Margaret Thatcher that supported the brutal government.

Crimes against the Blackman are not given much attention issue by the  advanced countries. Response and solution always come very late when the result is already disastrous. But comparing the crime of the Nazi-Germans against the Jews, and that of what was done to the South Africans by apartheid leaders, are almost the same that if investigators are hunting down ex-Nazi criminals to face prosecution, then ex-leaders  apartheid and their dead squad members too should  face prosecution.

Like the Jews, including children killed in Gas-Chambers, the same "They opened fire. They didn't give any warning. They simply opened fire, And small children, small defenceless children, dropped down like swatted files. This is murder, cold-blooded murder".

A man like F. W. Klerk, South Africa's last apartheid head of state, doesn't deserve to win a Nobel Peace Prize, for ending Apartheid. He escalated the violence against the majority black South Africans. When he realised that the world is changing rapidly and there wouldn't be any room for that type of government, he decided to give up. Who is fooling who?

The Nobel Peace Prize should be handed to people that deserves it not De Klerk, he was the worst criminal than Adolf Hitler of Germany.