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One man three wives, a common thing to see in Islam polygamy

Europe is gradually becoming a polygamous continent, due to migrations and settlements by people coming from countries with their own contrasting laws and cultures.

They follow the doctrine of the Koran, and enter into polygamous marriages, prior migration and within Europe, without realising that  it is an offence since polygamous marriages do not conform to the European pattern.

Polygamy is very common in Muslim countries, where women do not have civil rights, no education, can't own a property, can't drive and can't even vote. It's only few of these countries are rich, most are very poor, because women are kept at home and restricted to contribute to the economy.

In Turkey, a country that wants to join the European Union, around 187,000 women are in polygamous marriages, according to a report carried out by AFP. However, Turkey is not the only country facing the issue of  polygamy. Britain, Germany and France are experiencing the same phenomenom.

For example if Mr. Abdullai (Not referring to any person dead or alive) migrates from Turkey to live in Germany, France, Britain or Belgium, with three wives, amongst the women, who is to be known as Mrs. Abudulai? And if each of the women is to give birth to four or five children each, totalling 20, who will be responsible for their welfare apart from the man? The government.

This is the reason Polygamy shouldn't be encouraged in Europe, because it drains the national coffers of a country, and could render a country's economy totally poor. Polygamy could drain the tax payers money and destroy a booming economy. That is the reason many countries practising those polygamous marriages are virtually poor and its people seek greener pastures in other European countries that do not permit that.

"ONE MAN, ONE WIFE" that is the slogan. Intuitively, this makes a lot of sense.

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