Antwerp city at night

SARAH DEVOS is a Belgium author, residing in the city of Antwerp. Her tourism book called  "200 PLACES YOU NEED TO SEE AS A TOURIST IN ANTWERP" has been published.

"Once in your lifetime, dare to deviate
from your route to discover new places" suggests Sarah Devos.

The book is a collection of classic, personal interest and favourite places for tourists to visit in Antwerp. "It is not a book for only tourists but for Belgians and the citizens of Antwerp as well", said Sarah.

"Why would you like to travel this summer, when close by there are many places of interest to discover in Antwerp?" Asks Sarah Devos.

Out of 200 places of interest to visit in Antwerp, Sarah has selected her favourite 5 to be discovered. Curiosity killed the cat, therefore, let's find out us.

At first sight, the place seems to be just a normal forest, but at the end you will come to the "Berendrecht", stretching about five hundred meters wide. It is the biggest loch (arm of the sea) in the world. Coincidentally, one may suddenly see one of the giant container ships sailing past.

This compulsory. One has to rent an audio guide. Surprisingly you will find yourself back to the olden days, exploring through historical monuments dated as far as five centuries ago, with the cracking sound of two oldest surviving machines in your ears.

The conscience Plein is a classic square full of personal emotions, according to Sarah. "When I went there for the first time with my love, we had a wonderful day with an Ice cream. Said Sarah. The place is also a square of history. Do you know that the place, is the first car-free square in Antwerp?" Asks Sarah. Really, the square is the right romantic place for tourists attraction or to see.

"What a better way to learn and get to know the city, than with a visit to one of the exotic markets? Asks Sarah. On Saturdays, I visit the market. I love to see the sellers with loud voice advertising their goods and calling for customers for their olives, tapenades and other delicious products. A perfect Saturday, I often end the day by sitting on mine terrace watching passers-by". Said Sarah.

SINT-JANSKERK en OMGEVING BORGERHOUT (Saint-John's Church and the environment of Borgerhout)
According to Sarah, she lives by the church towers in Borgerhout. The St. John's church or the Pepper House, is a key place amongst the top five places tourists could visit. 

"Who still assume that Borgerhout is a scum and dejected neighbourhood?" Asked Sarah, urging everyone to come and discover the truth by walking around. "The neighbourhood is a real lively place, with both the young, old and families living there. There are splendid caf├ęs and restaurants. Next year starts the construction of the "Rantjes Krugerplein". Concluded Sarah.

The book 200 places you have to see when in Antwerp,
is available at the bookshops. The publisher's of the book
is "Lannoo Publishers". Price per copy-9.95 eur.

Number 47. July-August 2011, edition.