THE VATICAN CITY, has disappointed its followers and God, above all.

The Vatican City

In recent years, sexual abuse scandals involving the Catholic Church is an ugly situation that no apology or remedy could heal the victims that are scarred for live.

Last year the Catholic Church was under severe pressure over the complaint of victims that alleged have been sexually abused by the church for a number of years when in services to the church. The Vatican city has nothing to cover up the accusations than to apologise. The apology has been done but new accusations keep on appearing every day from many parts of the world.

In Kenya, the authorities are now looking for much evidence to prosecute a retired Dutch Roman Catholic bishop, Cornelius Schilder, for the sexual abuse of an under-aged boy, eighteen years ago.

The Deetman Commission  investigating abuses within the Catholic Church alerted the Dutch authorities of the case. Unfortunately since the victim did not report the case to the police, the commission is now facing problems in their investigations to prosecute Bishop Schilder.

Bishop Schilder, who is now in  the Netherlands, has refused to talk to the press about the case. His lawyer has denied any abuse by the Bishop.

In 2005, the 32 alleged victim, Michael Ole Uka, was treated for the injuries relating to the abuse. He claimed to have been abused by several priests serving Mill-Hill Missionary, for a very long period, including Bishop Schilder in 1993. The missionary paid for his medical treatment but failed to report the case to the Kenyan police, because that type of cases, classified as homosexuality is a crime.

It was however reported to the Vatican in Rome but it took them three years and repeated requests finally forced the Bishop prematurely to be retired.

As a matter of fact, the Vatican City,and all those accused of such crime have totally disappointed God, (the Holy Mary) whom they serve, and the followers of the Catholic Church. Instead of an apology, they must make sure such crime shouldn't be repeated. An invisible cloud of shame hangs on the Vatican City now.