Amy Winehouse

Britain is a country that crime can never be eradicated or even reduced. Because crime is like subject thought at school. Criminals don't even have shame or remorse. They can kill an old person and rob him or her of a pound coin. 

It is a big shame that just days after Amy Winehouse was found dead, intruders stole personal items from her Camden home. British criminals are now robbing both the living and the dead. Those who carried out such abominable act are not  thieves, they are Ghouls, legendary evil beings that rob graves and feed on corpses.

Amy’s personal letters, lyric books and even unreleased tracks are among the items taken. The singer’s home was declared a crime scene after her death on 23rd July and it’s estimated that up to 20 people, from police to friends and family, have had access to the property since then.

It's a big shame people like that live in this society. They can enjoy things stolen from the dead but they can't take  Amy Winehouse' fame. She worked very hard to get to that stage. Her spirit will continue to haunt those responsible until all her items are brought back to her family.