Once a couple desperate for a child, but never had one, said to me "It's hard to live without a child when you love your wife dearly. Our aim is to have children, but we never had one". I asked the man, who is in his early forties if he had ever made that request from God.

"Is there any God at all? If there is, then he is a very wicked God." That was his answer. I asked him, if you do not believe that God exists, and never seek for him, why then does he seemed wicked to you, when you have no experience with him?". He laughed.

Mistakes, crime, frustration, drug addiction and sins, are caused by individuals. Everyone knows the right from wrong, but simply ignore to do the right thing and follow their desire, lust and selfishness, without thinking of the Holy Bible or God. But when things get bad along the line, God is always blamed for our wrong doings.

For example, a pregnant woman knows perfectly well that smoking and drinking alcohol are health hazards to an unborn child. Yet they ignore all those health hazards, by smoking, drinking and even do drugs sometimes. Yet after delivery when the poor baby becomes a handicapped child, the blame is shifted to God. Many handicapped children were caused by the parents themselves, even though some are caused by biological problems or hereditary.  

One may never experience the spiritual presence of God if you don't seek his face. The sweet flavour of a food doesn't guarantee its deliciousness, one needs to taste it. Another point is, alcoholic pregnant women, giving birth to handicapped children, must desist blaming God, instead they must refrain from alcohol, smoking and drugs, during pregnancy.