HOMOSEXUALITY is seen as an abominable act in Africa. But this social vice which is less popular in the continent is now becoming famous in many African countries, turning the countries into an unnerving place to live in, because church leaders and many organisations against this practice, wouldn't like to embrace this type of culture to add to their own culture.

At times, I do ask myself time and time, do Europeans think Africa will accept whatever they are interested? Africa has nothing to do with Christianity before the white missionaries ever went there. They thought Africans to follow the Bible teachings. Well, later the truth was discovered. The reason was not to let Africans know about Christ but to loot.

Fortunately, many parts of Africa derived interest in the Bible and studied it thoroughly, therefore living by its teaching. An African Christian explaining his point to defend his hate against homosexuality would take one deep step into the Bible to give you a reference.  Two of such scriptures confirming that homosexuality is an evil act can be read at 1st Timothy, chapter 10 and 1st Corinthians, chapter 6, verse 9. 

The question is "Why are Europeans and other Gay Rights Organisations, now fighting for the practice of homosexuality to be recognised in Africa, when they have already been there with the Holy Bible, a book telling Christians how evil the practice of homosexuality is?" The teachings of the Holy Bible can't be reversed, so I am afraid to say that Africa can never change its mind or opinion on the negative aspects of homosexuality.

Africa is already overwhelmed by many diseases, such as AIDS, Ebola, and malaria, therefore, it makes sense when they don't want that practice. Europeans, Americans, and some organisations, are the first people that voices are heard whenever there is any bad situation in Africa. But whenever there is an epidemic, the respond to contain the situation never comes or very slow.

Africa has learned a lot from their misfortunes, that is the reason it is fighting against homosexuality today. Unfortunately, the path Uganda has taken to deal with this issue is totally out of course and death penalty for homosexuals is sheer madness. Violence against homosexuals is not an option or solution.