Ex-Ghanaian head of state: Late John Evans Atta-Mills

GHANA'S economic growth has been said to be the fasted growing in the world, within the first half of 2011, by the Economy Other countries which were selected among the 12 fastest growing economies in the world , were India, Angola, Iraq, Ethiopia, Mozambique, East Timor and Laos.

Ghana's Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which was estimated to be 20.146, was far ahead of the 14.337 percent recorded by Qatar, as the fastest growing country. Qatar was followed by Turkmenistan, which recorded 12.18percent; China, 9.901 and Liberia with 9.0 percent.

The organisation responsible for recording economic statistics, under the umbrella of the International Monetary Fund, that tracks the Gross Domestic Product of countries across the world, puts Ghana's nominal growth of 23 percent ahead of the other countries. This comes in the wake of the international investment community, ranking Ghana as the fourth best investment country in Africa.

In an unrelated issue, Ghana's president John Evans Atta Mills has urged his fellow African leaders to respect the constitution of their countries and not to overstay their terms of office. 

In bilateral talks between his Botswana counterpart Seretse Khama Ian Khama, who paid a visit to Ghana, he noted that part of the difficulties facing the continent was due to the unhealthy desire of some of the leaders to perpetuate their stay in power after their mandate had expired.

President Mills told his colleagues that there is life after being a president and advised them not to overstay their welcome.