The police arrest a drug dealer

Drug trafficking is a lucrative business to traffickers that think Africa's security is weak, therefore, it is a good place to transit drugs to Europe. The Gambian government, over cocaine seizure in a fishing village last year, has sentenced eight foreign nationals to fifty years imprisonment each. The eight foreign nationals are four Venezuelans, two Dutch, a Nigerian and a Mexican.

"The Gambian has determined to curb drug trafficking," Said Judge Lamin Tabally, in his judgment. The Gambian government has made it clear to drug traffickers that Gambia, is a place that will not welcome such indulgence.

One of the accused, a Venezuelan, died in detention at Banjul, the capital of natural courses, said the prison chief medical officer. The eight foreign nationals were arrested last year, in a fishing village near Banjul, after 2.1 tons of cocaine was found hidden in a warehouse belonging to a fishing company.

Following the constant use of the Gambian coast for drug trafficking, last year, Attorney General, Edward Anthony Gomez, said the government would introduce harsher laws to curb illegal drug trade, including a death penalty for anyone convicted of possessing more than 250g of cocaine or heroin.