Is that what Europe and America want to teach Africa when they are still dealing with Aids and Ebola crisis?

In a recent interview with the BBC, British Premier David Cameron, threatens to fold up aid to anti-gay countries and declares that “countries receiving British aid, should adhere to proper human rights.”

Can David Cameron define what it means by proper human rights? If a country doesn’t want to embrace a culture that they are familiar with or accept homosexuality on its soil, is that an abuse of human rights? Can Cameron accept when the Ghanaian government tells him to stop the deportation of illegal immigrants because it is an abuse of human rights?

David Cameron has forgotten that he has a big task on his shoulders to deal with the problems of alcoholism, teenage pregnancy and crime in his country, rather than interfering in the Ghanaian government’s policy on gay issues. His request to legitimise homosexuality in Ghana is meaningless. The Ghanaian government can take that.

The West and many advanced countries think that they can tell Africa what to do. If Cameron wants Ghana to legitimise homosexuality, he must first leave his wife and begin to enjoy the 'back' of men, then the whole Ghana will follow him and take his advice. Africa has suffered enough. The continent is still fighting against AIDS, malaria and other deadly diseases, it is, therefore, clear that there is no room for homosexuality.

Ghanaian and religious leaders should fight against homosexuality in Ghana and let Cameron keeps his aid. Ghanaians will not die from famine. Yesterday was slavery and Apartheid. 

They are dead and gone. Today they are enforcing homosexuality on a country that is totally foreign to such acts. Cameron should begin to respect Ghana and understand the country’s cultural values.